The district of Kempten which we are located in is called “Lenzfried” . It was first mentioned in 1330. From 1461 there was the Franciscan monastery of St. Bernhardin, which was later taken over by the Franciscans of the Kempten St. Anna monastery (starting from 1548). The former monastery church is located directly opposite of the hotel and today it is the parish church of St. Magnus.

The main building of the Landhotel Hirsch is a house with a long tradition and it is one of the oldest buildings of Lenzfried. Its history dates back to the Middle Ages.
It was mentioned for the first time as a so-called “Meierhof” in 1394. In 1559 it was sold by the owner, Hans Wilhelm von Laubenberg to Wagegg to the Kempten Abbey.

When the right was given to pour beer and bake bread here is not exactly known. The first time it was mentioned as a tavern dates back to the year 1738.

Reconstruction and renovation in 1995 has brought the property back into public focus.

The hotel itself was opened in 1995, the last partial renovation was carried out in 2009.

From 1995 to 2014, the two “Gastronomy Legends” Sandro and Roberto Acquadro ran the Osteria Antica, well-known also beyond the borders of Kempten.

After the departure of the two Italian brothers in 2015, it was decided to return to old traditions and, under the name “Lenz”, reopened as a young, traditional restaurant with regional Slow Food cuisine.